Monday, 28 January 2008

EDINBURGH, Capital of Scotland

2nd January 2008

Edinburgh Waverley Station. Arrived an hour of train from Glasgow!

Outside Edinburgh Waverley (Train) Station. Must take picture as soon as I step into this wonderful City!

Me, just outside the Tourist Centre

City view from Northbound Bridge

The picture I like most. Yeah!

It's the Winterfest of Edinburgh + Hogmanay Festival! [Hogmanay is the traditional new year's eve celebration in Scotland. It's the famous in UK]

Overlooking Edinburgh Castle from the city!

Overlooking part of the city @ Edinburgh Castle.


Edinburgh Castle

It's me again! Outside 'The Elephant House' which is the birthplace of Harry Potter. Made famous as the place of inspiration to writers such as J.K Rowling, who sat writing much of her early novels in the back room, overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

Not only Kuching funfair has Ghost Train; Edinburgh, too!

A view of the Ferris Wheel and the Scot Monument across the Princes Street Park. I like this one!

Louis Vuitton just opposite the side door of Harvey Nichols.

A walkway outside Harvey Nichols. Lots of Branded shop on this street.

Yes! I am too obsessed with Chocolate. These are the things I bought from Harvey Nichols Edinburgh: Chocolate Chips and Nuts biscuit, Drinking Chocolate, and Organique Dark Chocolate. Really amazing, although they are costly! Will go and buy again if there's any chance!

St James Shopping Centre. Lots of shop inside though not as big as mid valley megamall.

Night View of Edinburgh. It's really nice if you see with your own eyes!

This is me and Roselyn in the train, on our way back to Glasgow from Edinburgh. It's my tiring look there! But the trip was really fantastic! Anyone who would like to come to Glasgow, droping by in Edinburgh is really worthy even though Glasgow is much much larger!

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