Monday, 21 January 2008

Glasgow Cathedral

On New Year's Day, I went out with Roselyn for a walk and see some of the Glasgow Historical place as all the shops are close on this day.

We woke up late this morning, I steamed some 'SiewMai' as breakfast. Yum! Even though on 1st January, all the shops in shopping arena are closed, We would not want to spend our time in the room, just sitting the whole day.

So, we went to city walk and go to Glasgow Cathedral, a must see place for all tourist! Took some pictures even though it's a rainy day. Just being a little bit obsessed with camera! The following are pictures i took:

This is opposite Glasgow Cathedral. I quickly take picture whenever i see it's nice

Let Peace Fluorish!

Cathedral House Hotel. I like the forks. They are cute!

Glasgow Cathedral. One of the Scotland's most magnificent medieval buildings. The cathedral is the only one on Scottish mainland to survive the Reformation of 1560 intact. Named after St Mungo, Glasgow's patron saint, the Cathedral is built on the site of his tomb and marks the birthplace of the city.

Unfortunately, we went on the 1st January so they are not open. Otherwise, we may go in and take nice pictures which i saw from my flatmate.

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