Sunday, 3 February 2008

Something i cannot live without

Glorious! Yummy!

They are the food I had in Glasgow.. Seems that I have been enjoying eating. So please tell me if I had put on weight the next time you see me, I know how to handle it!

Presenting the Scottish Traditional Food : Haggis and Tatties!

Roast Chicken

Greek Cheese

Cheese! Cheddar, Brie, Stilton, Gouda and Edam

Cheesy Salad

Chinese Food. We order to eat in!

Fantastic Salad!

Food! Food! Food!

Delicious... SLurrrpppp!

Greek Salad

Siew Mai and Har Kau

Dumpling and soup!

"Tang Yuan"


Spanish Food

Some more

Roast Chicken. It's a very large portion. I cant finish them all!

Hot pot!

Banana Desert! Nice!

Hot pot party!

New Year's eve!

My first Burger King in UK, dated 17 January 2008! (LEft: Tripple Whopper and Right: Double pepper Angus)

Noodles and my first carrot Juice in UK @ Wagamama 18th January 2008!


Tofu a.k.a Beancurd

Vegetable and Orange Chicken

Sweet and Sour Pork

Roast Duck

PRAWNS!! Very delicious!


A table full of food!

See below! It's empty!


AH20 said...

OMG!!!! i will die die die66666666

you're cloying me to death with your food galore!!!

Sarah said...