Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chinese New Year in Glasgow!

Last Christmas, was my first Christmas celebrating without my family. The Christmas atmosphere is kinda warm here, unlike Malaysia. However, I still miss my family. Christmas is a festival I have been waiting all year.

Now, is the Chinese New Year. There is totally no holiday and NOTHING here is related to this festival. That makes me feel even more empty in me. However, I make the best out of this festival, the Chinese New Year mood in me. I went for shopping, hunting for new clothes. I manage to get some at a pretty cheap price because of the end of Winter Sales.

Well, me and my Taiwanese flatmate plan for a "reunion dinner" on 6th February. I cooked a couple of dishes, includes Hainam Chicken and Tomato Garlic Prawns. We invited our other flatmate to join the dinner. Another Malaysian and 2 other Japanese were here as well.

I am preparing to cook. Hehe. Unbelievable?

My cooking. Tomato Garlic Prawns. Yum Yum!

My well-known Hainam Chicken Rice.

These are the basic member of New Years eve.

Well, before new years eve, we have another dinner at Ariel's place on 5th February. The food are amazing. We had a great night!

From left: Wen, Chieko, me, Min Shan and Ariel (the girl without specs in maroon shirt)

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