Monday, 11 February 2008

Pretty Amazing!

It's a normal Sunday morning which I go to Church with my classmate, Jan. Our journey there require to walk for about 20 to 25 minutes, passing by the so called "China Town" (格拉斯哥之中国城).

Church service finishes around 12.30pm. While walking back to our halls, I heard some familiar drumming sound from far, the familiar "tung tung qiang". Then I know, it must be some Chinese New Year celebration.

When we are near the China Town, I saw the traditional "Lion Dance" (舞狮). I was amazed! Then I quickly use the lousy camera of my phone, trying to snap some picture. I told my friends that I would want to go and take pictures. All my friends were feeling strange of what they see but they do not know it's traditional. BUT, they all know now. :) Credits to me!

So here are some pictures:

This is the further one.. i am walking closer now.


Well, I am pretty amazed to see this in a foreign country. That is why the previous blog I put up pictures of lion dance from 2007 CNY celebration. Now, I feel much closer to home now.

Can't wait to go home in May! Yeah!


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