Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lack of updates

The car safety company didn't just test the durability of my laptop for the human safety, but indeed my laptop just crashed! Windows Vista is corrupted and it has been 2 week. Not sure how I survived but thanks to Sarah's netbook and my glorious iPhone which has unlimited internet that I still get connected with my friends and family. I'm waiting for my laptop to be fixed by my super all-you-can-fix daddy. Then I will update lots of long lost gossip.

I'm now back in Glasgow after been in many-confuse-me-and-you location- Aberdeen, Inverness, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dublin, Wicklow, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Even I myself confuses. In few days time, I'm away again. (What?!)

This summer has been crazy. Literally crazy, also the most productive ever. I had a hospital placement back in Malaysia, another longer placement in UK (one of the most systematic company I worked with), travelling, travelling, shopping, travelling and travelling.

People asked me where do I get all my money from? Well, I earn a little bit while working, also it's a lot cheaper to travel within Europe rather than flying all the way from Malaysia to Europe for a short trip. I myself is happy at the moment and amazed how many places I had been to in this 4 years. I'm way more than satisfied.

Time really does flies, I am now entering my final year of uni. I promise I will make the most out of it. I will not be dissappointed by myself. That's not me!

So.. until next time, you know you love me... x.o.x.o

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