Saturday, 23 May 2009

ARGGH!!! So tempting!

...a British fashion designer who venture into bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into mainstream.

Apart from studying, I cannot deny that I can't get my fingers off the computer. It's consider as taking a break. Then I came across some of Vivienne Westwood stuff which I like a lot. Not that I'm going to buy it but just to see..

Small Prom Bag 3655 Rosa, Price: £140.00 / $219.80

Giant Orb 4413 Gold, Price: £135.00 / $211.95

Pelle Nappa Small Bag 3655 Gold, Price: £145.00 / $227.65

Lady Dragon Shoe with Heart 1430, Price: £78.00 / $122.46

Three Strap Elevated Shoe 1003, Price: £110.00 / $172.70

Lady Dragon Shoe with Bow 1193,Price: £85.00 / $133.45

They are adorable, aren't they? Who can resist not to buy them?? But their prices are jaw-dropping! My personal favourite is the Lady Dragon Shoe with Heart in yellow! My favourite colour!

OK OK, I need to focus in my studies and earn a lot of money to buy them!!

I support original, though I know they are pricey. Hate those who use fake and claim they use the originals! Don't buy fake or imitation if you cannot afford originals.


Richard Ling said...

the shoes are beautiful~

hojiayiing said...

when i look at the shoes, i already guess "surely Anna will choose the yellow one w love". They are just so YOU~! haha. cant wait to see u =) yes, earn money n support ori~! GoGO~!

Anna Bong said...

YES!! I fell in love with the shoes!!!