Sunday, 31 May 2009


Summer came earlier this year. Weather these few days max up to 24°C, which is unbelievably hot!

I live in a tropical country, Malaysia, which does not has four season, and I never see a drop of snow for the first 20 years of my life. All this change after I come to UK. Heaviest snow (see here & here) in 13 years, and just love the touch of it. I miss snow now..

Thought that wearing as what I used to in Malaysia, a simple top with skirt plus a pair of day-sandal, would be precise for the 20-ish weather. Who knows, I still sweat!

Buchanan Street, Glasgow, filled with shopaholics and sun-lover.

Weather of Malaysia always exceed 24°C, anytime during the day, unless if your shower under the rain.

George Square.

So it's after exam so I think I should go out there for a walk, on my own. Sometimes it's a bit boring as you have no one to share your thoughts or anything you find cute! Or you do not have a second opinion. I miss my friends!

One day when I went across Gallery of Modern Art, I found this:

Can you see the top of the knight? There must be some drunken peep. I was thinking how dare he climb up to the top to put a 'hat' on the knight. The statue is double of my height!

Then had a sit in my uni's yard

It's relaxing and so stress-free. My brain will rest for 3 months and will be back in action in September. This means I will be going back to Malaysia for 3 months of my summer holiday! How good is it right???

So stay tuned for my update, see if I'm in Malaysia or UK.


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偶尔是温暖但我还是觉得太热了!! :S