Tuesday, 3 February 2009

2nd February 2009. A date to remember..

I've been very concern about weather ever since I came to UK. The unpredictable weather is sometimes pathetic, especially when it comes to heavy rain & strong wind.

On 1st February, I read on Yahoo! news (click here to read more), it says this February is going to be the coldest since 13 years!! I was thinking, how cold it's going to be in Glasgow?

Few weeks ago, also from the Yahoo! news (click here to read more), British MET forecasted there's going to be heavy snow across UK, but I never really trust it as Glasgow is much damp and humid so snow is unlikely to clot.

On the morning of 2nd February 2009, I woke up in the morning, always hope to see Glasgow blanket with snow and YES, Glasgow is white!!!! I am so happy! It brightens up my day as if it's a sunny day!

Glasgow has ever been this white ever since i'm here but snow melted by noon. This time.. it last until evening. It has been snowing heavily in the morning, starting around 9am for at least 30 mintutes. Snowing comes and go very often and loves to see the feeling of snow sprinkles. There was a time when it snows like whirlwind, very heavily and can really believe what I see. I do not have class in the morning so i am enjoying breakfast, seeing snow out of my window. So happy!

Coincidencely before my 1pm class, my friend WaiLoong MSNed me if wanna go out hav a shot of snow.. That's definitely a "YES". I love snow. So we went for a quick caption before i head to uni.

See the happy faces. I was really excited!

During lectures, (honestly) I was a wee bit not focusing, kept looking out of the window, see if it continues to snow. And yes, it did snow on and off! Was happy n looking forward for class to finish. On my way back to halls, I saw people playing snowballs, I too, want to play!

At around 5-ish to 6, I asked my friend to come out again, fanatically for snowball fight and snowman-making! WHEEE~~~ Now let the picture speaks:

My First gigantic snowball. made for fun or for snowman.. You would not b able to lift it up as high to throw it at anyone.. *Berat tau?!* LOL...

Need support to hold it up

Lying on a blanket of snow.. It's fluffy.. Should have tried to make snow-angel. Feeling of lying on bed and on snow is different. Now, credits to my Nike ACG Weatherproof Jacket, My upper body is neither wet nor cold. BUT. A big BUT here, my butt is cold n wet, so as my legs, jeans not waterproof la~ HAHA.. I dont care. It's a special opportunity to try this. What is it to loose?

Teng teng teng~~ Here comes Snow fight!

Getting Ready

Are u with me?

If it's a bigger snowball, can b a bit of pain but it's ok.. Worth it! FUN!!!

Are we making gigantic 'Ice Kacang'? We dont have enough syrup. Snow is really fluffy.. You can see a wee bit of grass appearing as many bits of snow were scrappeled away by us for snow fight and for fun!

Tadaaa!! Our first snowman!! Can u help me to give it a name?

Here's us, with the first snowman~~ *Frosty the Snowman, ta da da da da da da,...*

Then we decided to made him a wife! His wife a.k.a girlfriend is a skinny one. Skinny snow-woman.. HAHAH... I'm happy enough with the end result.


I might sound a bit of '乡巴佬' a.k.a orang kampung, but we're just too excited about snowing!!! Malaysia is a tropical country that snow never arrives except fake snow!!

Have a nice week all!!

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