Monday, 9 February 2009

Still. It's there.

White defines purity. White is clean. And, snow is white.

I woke up pretty early on the morning on 9th February 2009, by the awakening sound of my alarm. As usual, I will open up my curtain to see the view outside my window. It is still white. I LOVE IT.

In fact, I made a plan last night, hoping to go to Kelvingrove Park this morning for some captions of the white scene. I was lazy so I didn't. I only manage to walk around my halls, to take some pictures.

It start snowing at 3pm on 8th February, on a Sunday afternoon. Never thought it would be this great with even thicker snow. Me and my friends venture to the city centre, for some different experience.

As for the council of UK, Britain is running out of grit and salt to counteract the weather conditions, so that it won't be treacherous for drivers and motorists, making everything seems to be normal. Now, they do use table salt to encounter all these unexpected weather conditions.

My passion for snow continues, but I dislike when it melts. It will be dirty and slippery which is dangerous for walkers and drivers. Snowball fight, snowman, and snow angel, come true.

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