Monday, 16 February 2009

Stop violating women..

I am a big fan of Rihanna, since her hit single 'Unfaithful' and 'Umbrella'... When the song 'Umbrella' was first announced, you can hear many places, either in the malls or radio, playing 'ella ella eh eh eh,...' It was so popular that it rhyme in many people's mouth.

Just heard from friend that there's something kinda serious happen to Rihanna on 8th February 2009, the day before Grammy Award. She was reportedly assaulted by her boyfriend (ex), Chris Brown in a Lamboghini after a pre-grammy party. Rihanna caught Chris flirting with another girl and question it to him. I think as a girlfriend, Rihanna's jealousy is right but why on earth Chris would be so angry and finally hit her on her face. Rihanna reportedly get bloody nose, a swollen lip and facial bruising. She is now recovering and resting in her hometown, Barbados.

Chris Brown is charged with USD$50,0000 and also need to attend a court case in March. He had shown a really bad example to the society for violating women. He should go to jail and should never appear in the public.

When I first know Rihanna is dating Chris Brown, I was thinking Rihanna has all the good quality and deserves to be together with someone better, much better than Chris Brown. My judgement was right, Chris Brown is just humiliating. The song 'Take a Bow' finally slips into real life for Rihanna. Dedicated to Chris Brown.

After that incidence, Rihanna's concert in Malaysia has put on hold, either to cancel it or postpone it, we dont know yet. Hope it's postponed. Rihanna's fan in Malaysia would really love to see her in person. I am one of them but I am now in UK so dont have the opportunity to watch her concert. Hope she comes to Glasgow again, soon!

To conclude, Rihanna deserves a better man. We should all hand-in-hand to protect all the women on Earth against violence.

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