Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sorry.. I'm fussy!

Still remembering the first time I sat on a plane. It was my first flight which I took when I was a kid. Me and my parents also my grandma, going to Kuala Lumpur for sight-seeing and holiday. It was a Malaysian Airline flight.

I can't really recall how I feel. Not sure whether I was thrilled, excited, happy or nervous. I guess, I was befuddled by all the emotions.

Apparently, I have had countless flight, flying here and there. Of course, with the amazing creation by Wright Brothers, the gigantic bus has made a lot of things possible, bringing people together in a short period of time. We normally use a plane, not a boat sailing in the sea for many days and night.

Boeing and Airbus are the 2 main company of plane (like Benz & BMW), currently in big operation. Concorde is not in service anymore. I was wondering does it feels like when sitting in this plane. I don't have the chance...

Just few years ago, Airbus announced they designed a new and largest passenger plane, bigger than Boeing-747, it's the Airbus A380. The 'fully-double-decker' plane is just gigantic. As I've said in my previous blog(click here), I myself enjoy my flight from London to Singapore using A380, which first land in London Heathrow Airport on 18th March 2008 (can't believe I still remember this!). It was upper deck that I sat on with economy class (of course!!!), which normally upper deck is for Business Class in B-747. Singapore Airline is the World's Number One Airline, with 5-star Ranking, together with Malaysia Airline, Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airline and Qatar Air.

Singapore Airline being the primary airline to use A380. I am concern if they fly to London on long haul flight back to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Second Airline which starts to use A380 is Emirates (UAE Airline). They fly with A380 from Dubai to US and to London recently.

Just recently, Qantas Airways (Australian Airline, world oldest airline in English speaking world.) received their order of A380. They are flying to London and back to Singapore as well, not on daily flight like Singapore Airline but on certain dates! I am happy! Yeah!

I am looking forward to my next flight with Qantas A380. I purposely pick the flight so that I can sit in this big bus! See, told you I am being picky! Many said there isnt any difference in sitting in a Boeing-777, Boeing-747, Airbus-330 or Airbus-380. HERE, I tell you, I am very demanding for an impeccable inflight-service and needs a nice, comfy and pleasant long-haul flight!


Anonymous said...

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Anna Bong said...

Thanks aash!

I love Singapore Airline although it's a bit pricey. They are indeed the best airline in the world. I used to transit there for more than 10 hours and joined their free tour or free bus to go to town. It's pretty good. I like the way Singapore do their tourism. I'm going to stopover in Singapore soon!

Thanks for your info!

jUdy^sOnG said...

hey..i love A380.. the tv screen is so wide.. and the seat is so spacious and not only that, the toilet is just superb.. i understand y u like it so much!!

Anna Bong said...

Haha.. that's y i keep hunting on cheaper flights with A380! U like the toilet as well~ It's just amazing!