Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The A380 Experience

Gigantic Bus
Full Double-decker
Extremely massive

SQ 317 - Singapore Airline
11.55am, 27th May 2008
Economy Class
Upper Deck, Seat No. 72H
London (Terminal 3) to Singapore (Terminal 3)
Approximately 12 hours journey
Landed on Singapore around 8-ish a.m. on 28th May 2008

After the first experience, I really love to travel from London-Singapore or vice versa using this Airbus. Singapore Airline will be flying to London and back to Singapore daily using A380 starting 18th March 2008 onwards. When I see this news, I was really excited. Yes, really excited. It's the biggest passenger plane at that time! WOW!!

Its really difficult to take the picture of the full plane because it is HUGE!! Then I know economy class can now sit on the upper deck for which upper deck is only for business class in Boeing 747. Definitely, I pick to sit at upper deck.

The interior is very new, bigger seats, bigger LCD tv in front of you, better in-flight entertainment, food provided comes in a menu, comes with Givenchy complimentary gift with a pair of socks and tooth brush.

It was the first time I travel alone in such a long distance flight. I must make myself as comfy as possible. I pick a seat by the aisle, walking to the toilet often for my legs to have better blood circulation. I even walk down to the lower deck to see how is it. I prefer upper deck as lower deck is congested.

This is the first time i feel so good in a plane, probably due to excitement. Well, whenever there's a new place or shop opening, lots of people would go and visit in which Chinese people like to say it as 'visiting new toilet'. In A380, it's the same thing that I do. I will go to the toilet if i want to pee or poop. *hehe* Here's the picture of the toilet:

In the loo, you can find after shave lotion, hand and body lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, antibacterial hand wash, and other utilities as well. It is new and pretty. I like the mirror. The water tap is one-touch that the temperature of the water is controllable with a touch of finger:

Now, let the picture speaks:

Rumours says that the turbulence in A380 is bad but I dont feel any. Flying on an Economy Class is not enough for me. You should see how's the business class is. It's 17 inch LCD tv, and very very much comfy. Seats are massive!! Not to say the Suite that is available on A380 that technically u have a bed in a room to sleep in. (Can't believe it) The fare for Suite is about 10X more expensive than what I pay. IF THERE IS A CHANCE, flying once in a BUSINESS CLASS is worth it!

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