Saturday, 29 November 2008

Jingle jingle jingle...

Decided to go out for a walk even though i know the whether is less than 3'C. Got all my winter gear ready to wear and off I go!!

In fact, I just wanna go for some groceries shopping but since i am out there, I went to enjoy some of the Christmas mood. There's LOTS of homosapiens out there!

This is at George Square for Winterfest Glasgow. It's happening every year here with all the same deco but different activity. There's ice skating rink, some funfair, a stage for concert, huge Christmas tree, Christmas food, bar as well as gift shop. I like the atmosphere there.

Then, I walked to German Christmas Market at Argyle Street.

They sell a lot of stuff there, which includes jewellery, chocolates, sweets, haribo, winter accessories, etc. One of my favourite is Sweet Treats. I love the fruits + Chocolate, like Banana dipped in chocolate or grapes + chocolate topping. Looks yummy. I have not taste it on my own but will try one day and share with u on a not-so-busy day.

Buchanan Street is my next destination. At first glance, I saw the window display at Frasers for Hamleys. It's just lovely. Here is it:

Isn't it cute?

Princes Square. I can hardly afford anything there. It's luxurious shopping mall of Glasgow City. The Christmas mood is nice though.

Can u see it? People waiting outside to go in to some shop or maybe a cafe. Wow! They really have serious Christmas shopping. All the mood for Christmas is what I have in me right now!

Last but not least,

Street performer. Their music is nice. So, this ended my Christmas mood hunting!


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