Friday, 28 November 2008

Zizzi... mmm... Yummy yum yum


Went there with my dearest flatmate from last year after their Graduation Ceremony. Was really happy for them. I was thinking, it's still a long way for my turn.

Zizzi is an Italian Restaurant, situated in the very-expensive-and-classy shopping mall, Princes Square. It was my first time to dine there. Food was nice, just a wee bit pricey!

STARTER: Angelo's Mussels. Sauteed mussels with garlic, cream and fresh parsley. I think it taste alright. Not as delicious as the mussels i had in another Italian Restaurant -- The Italian Kitchen.

STARTER 2: Antipasto Zizzi. A selection of prosciutto crudo, salami Romania, coppa, smoked mountain ham, buffalo milk mozzarella, marinated sun dired tomatoes, mixed olives and red onion. Personally, I think it is good, real good, just heavenly for a starter.

MAIN COURSE 1: Sofia. Pizza with spicy chicken, pepperoni, oven roasted sausage, tomato, mozzarella, finished with green chilli and fresh rosemary. It's not the best pizza but it taste unique and i quite like it.

We also had another pizza called (MAIN COURSE 2:) Trentino, which is quite nice and refreshing with all the basil leaves as topping. I do not have the picture of it.

MAIN COURSE 3: Penne Della Casa. Pasta with smoked pancetta bacon, roasted chicken, creamy mushroom sauce and baby spinach finished with grated grana padiano cheese, baked al forno. This is a really really good pasta. Very recommended!

DESSERT: Torta Cioccolata. Rich chocolate torte on a thick hazelnut chocolate base, served with vanilla mascarpone. It is really rich but not as sweet as i think. It is nice though. I like it.

Overall, I give Zizzi 4 ot of 5. Credits to its environment as well.

After that, i took some picture of Prince Square with Christmas Tree!

Love that Christmas is coming!

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