Saturday, 1 November 2008

Phew! A busy week 6 had gone!

Wednesday (29/10) - Graves' Disease Presentation
Thursday (30/10) - Retinoscopy Assessment
Friday (31/10) - Submission of Fundus Diagrams

Can't believe I manage to do it all! It's been a tiring week for me. I've not been to shopping in weeks and I finally get to go shopping after handling in my Fundus diagram. In case you wonder what is a fundus, this is it:

Imagine you have to look into the eye of one of your friends for more than 10 freaking hours, through the pupil of the eye and draw the picture of it like above! My draft is a wee bit like this...

... and i have to colour it! There's a lot of work to do!

Anyway, the 'gift' from the hard work is that i excel in doing ophthalmoscopy!! It is very important to see the back of the eye if anyone suffers from a chronic disease.

Each time when i go shopping , I would end up buying something before I go home. That is a RULE!! That could be buying a mini pan, Ben & Jerry's Core Sundae, or even a Winnie The Pooh Glass!! NYEHEHEHE!!

To celebrate the end of a busy week, me and my friends to celebrate Halloween!! We went out for dinner at Chinese Restaurant, 龙凤楼,booked a room and had karaoke. Here are some pic to enjoy:

I had a lot of fun, with different types of costume! Whee~~~

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