Sunday, 26 October 2008


The internet connection in my flat is crap this weekend. I have to come to the library to do my work.

AND!! The weather over the week is really horrible!! It was windy (very!) and heavy rain! Umbrellas dont work well here. After each heavy rain, you can see lots of broken unbrella by the bin. UMBRELLA REALLY DON'T WORK WELL HERE IN SCOTLAND! It is cold. I miss the nice sunny weather of Autumn with cool breeze running through my face.

I am now in the library and looking through the weather forecast at to check out the weather out there and see if I can go home. I don't want to walk in heavy rain, it is pathetic! Ok, back to the point. I found this funny thing:
Do u see that?? Rain/Snow Showers on Tuesday?? With high temperature of 3'C and low temperature of 0'C?? It's Autumn now and the weather looks like winter! It's going to be freaking cold. But I think is impossible to get snow in an Autumn day. We only get snow after January until spring.
I've never been so concern about weather back in Malaysia. Being in a four-season country, Glasgow is possible to have rain in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, windy in the evening and snow at night!! Kinda weird, aye?
Well, hope there's going to be good weather during Halloween.

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