Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Eiffel Tower

When you look at this, you will think of Paris. It's the landmark of France as well. It's the most famous and well-known EIFFEL TOWER!

It is amazingly pretty that when you look at it with your real eyes are different from what you see from the above picture. It is magnificent! Before I went there, I thought it's just a huge telecommunication tower and the landmark of Paris. It totally change the way I think!

YOU, out there, if there's opportunity, must go to Paris one day! It might not the prettiest city but it's worth visiting. REMEMBER to bring your €€€ as it's going to cost more than London.

I will blog again soon.

BTW, I am now blogging in my 'funny' looking eye. Again, I got my left eye dilated again for clinical purposes as part of my course. It's not going to anything bad and don't feel scared when you are being asked to dilate your eyes. Just make sure they check your intraocular pressure before and after the dilation. I am now going through what my patients are going to experience in future.

I need to get back to my studies now and will update soon!


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