Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Did you know?

[This is not an advert but something I know from my previous visit to Cadbury World, Birmingham]

  1. Total weight of Cadbury Dairy Milk produced per year is equivalent to 51641 Minis.
  2. Cadbury Dairy Milk sold each year is enough to cover 92 Premier and Nationwide League football pitches, more than 5 times.
  3. Chocolate melts at 34'C
  4. Cadbury uses over 23500 miles of foil to wrap a year's supply of Easter Eggs.
  5. In 1915, Cadbury starts to become popular with it's trademark colour - Purple.
  6. Over 1,300,000,000 Cadbury Roses chocolate sold in UK each year. {WOW!!}
  7. Cadbury uses enough cocoa to fill London's Albert Hall more than 5 times!
  8. If these Creme Eggs were stacked one end to another, the production from Cadbury can stretch from Birmingham, UK to Australia, about 12,000 miles.
  9. Cadbury make one third of all chocolate in UK. (That's a big proportion)
  10. Over 100 million Flake 99s sold each year. [FYI: Flakes used to put on top of ice cream or hot chocolate or u can just eat them!]
To conclude, Cadbury earns a lot! Their chocolate might not be the best I had but they have a few of my favourites!!

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