Thursday, 26 February 2009


Human being is an intelligent living thing. The amazing creation of God.
It is unavoidable that you will face people of different characteristics, whether he/she goes well with you or don't.
I find some people can be very friendly and able to get along well with you but after 24hours, he/she turns a 180 degree. He/she became immoral and saddened.
I think everyone has an evil and good side, it's you that God test how well you balance it.
Why does school teach moral, that honesty is the best policy?
Do you feel good being honest? Or do you never feel bad of telling a lie? You decide.
Sometimes, I do feel being honest makes my day sunny when there might be many people choose not to. He/she might thinks that when everyone is lying, why not you?
I'm not trying to say 'I'm perfect' and never did a bad thing before, but knowing how to wake up from bad dreams is essential for life to move on.
This is a matter of personality. You, God and Devil will know what you do. Be kind to the nature.

How's your day today?
Mine is just as great as any other day.
I think I am an optimistic person but I can be sensitive.
Again, people is never lack of emotions. You can either be very happy today or sad after a couple of hours. It depends on what's going on.
People likes to see happy faces, none like the antonyms.
'Sigh' will not let your worries go away.
'If you worry, you will die; you don't worry, you will also die. So why worry?'
Complains will not do any good either.
Does showing people faces make your day better?
Sometimes, stop being self-centered is good, lend someone a good listen ear.
If things really went wrong and bad, a good cry will let every thing goes.
I love thinking on the bright side but not being paranoid.
Many countries in the world is seasonal, with winter, spring, summer and autumn.
Similiarly, human can also be temperate. What's yours?


I think, religion helps people to be good at heart, but being religious by mouth is not working, too.
Well, does zodiac sign and horoscopes have anything to do with human character? I don't know, just maybe. What do you think?

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