Sunday, 1 February 2009


Chocolate tasting journal......

Date: 29th November 2008
Shop: The Chocolatier, Princes Square
Duration: Approximately 1.5 months

1. Malibu

In Milk Chocolate: Taste like coconut milk chocolate, not too sweet but liquor taste aint strong. [Rate: 3 of 5]
In Dark Chocolate: Better blend in dark chocolate than milk. Just as good. If you dont like it sweet, this is just perfect. [Rate: 4 of 5]

2. Orange

Milk Chocolate: Very sweet, way too sweet. Orange inner bits not that sweet. Recommended to eat bite by bite, should taste better. [Rate: 3.5 of 5]
Dark Chocolate: VERY nice. Never expect orange flavoured chocolate to be this nice. It goes perfectly well with dark chocolate. Yummy. [Rate: 4.3 of 5]

3. Coffee

Milk Chocolate: Its filling melts out! Yum! Melts thoroughly and just as perfect for your mouth! Tantalizing! [Rate: 4.5 of 5]
Dark Chocolate: Also, really nice!! You will eat uncontrollably bite after bite! [Rate: 4.8 of 5]

4. Strawberry

Milk Chocolate: The filling divided into 2 part. Top part is jam and bottom part is like cream. It is sweet, just average. A lil bit sour and just as good. Perfect for strawberry lover! [Rate: 4 of 5]

5. Mango

Milk Chocolate: Too sweet! Not as good as I expect it to be, as I love mangoes. Mango taste not strong. [Rate: 3.9 of 4]
Dark Chocolate: Taste of mango filling is more outstanding in dark chocolate then milk chocolate. Like it. A lil bit sweet but it's acceptable. [Rate: 4.4 of 5]

6. Rum

Milk Chocolate: Nothing special. Eating bite by bite, taste of rum is not protruding. One is enough, will not get another one. [Rate: 2.9 of 5]
Dark Chocolate: Liquor taste aint strong, just like any dark chocolate. It's better to put the whole chocolate into your mouth than bit by bit, so that you'll get the taste of rum better. [Rate: 3.1 of 5]

7. Amaretto

Milk Chocolate: Taste of liquor not appealing. Nothing special [Rate: 3 of 5]

8. Champagne

Milk Chocolate: No strong taste of Champagne. If eat the whole cube, its taste appears. [Rate: 4.2 of 5]
Dark Chocolate: Bitterness of dark chocolate together with Champagne filling is good. Has the taste of liquor and blends well. [Rate: 4.5 of 5]

9. Pineapple

Milk Chocolate: Was amazed by how it taste. Strong pineapple taste! Love it! You'll like it if you're a fan of pineapple! [Rate: 4.1 of 5]

To conclude, I have a question for you. "Am I bloated with chocolate?"

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