Monday, 18 May 2009

Halfway through!

(blue sky and white clouds with bits of sunshine shinning into the library)

After days of submerge myself in the library, I've done with 2 exams and I am only halfway through. I need concentration so library is my choice and I am loving it.

I bring along with all my essential, books, mobile and mp3. Not to forget my brain and my energy provider-food!

After some continuous studies, i need a break for some rest and recharge, just like a battery-operated machine. Done with binocular vision and just done with ocular pharmaceutical (drugs for the eye). Not sure to say how it went but i tried my best.

And, there's going to be more days of myself, hanging about in the library. Stay tuned for more interesting update.

P/s: All these pictures were taken using my doggy camera from my phone. SE W910i. I'm satisfied though not the best.

1 comment:

hojiayiing said...

talking bout MP3, i think i jz got mine hay-wired cuz didnt switch it off when the plane take off..sobx..