Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My night with books!


After staying up at night for studying, of course I need something to recharge myself! Caffeine might not be too good for me in long term. Healthy body is what I need truly.

Since I'm away in UK, and I do not have those chinese herbs with me to cook the soup. So I found this a few months ago:

A1 Chicken Soup Spices.
It will help you to cook a nice soup, even if you're not excel in cooking. It's product of Malaysia and I bought in the chinese groceries store which is just about 100m from my doorstep. Follow the instruction and immobilise some yourself.

As for me, I use a slow cooker to cook. I didn't use a lot of chicken (because it might be to much for me to finish them all!), so I use a portion of it. Other things that I put in is of course, about 1.5L of water, lots of mushrooms (love it!), and lots of red dates. AND, don't forget your packet of spices.

Since it's studying week for me, I want to be easy and quick, I drink my soup in..

... a mug!!

It's so much convenient and easy to drink. Won't hurt your fingers if the soup is hot when you hold it!

Love it!!

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