Friday, 22 May 2009

Too many too little time

Ever wonder what will you do if you have a time machine?
Ever wonder when will you use it?
Ever wonder why you even need it?

Well, for this instance, I hope I can have extra time a day or freeze the time for, say, 6 hours. I have been working hard with my brain these 3 weeks and there's a week more to go! Then I'll let it rest for 3 months. Just like how u need 3 weeks for your liver to eliminate, regenerate and regrowth all the alcohol from your body after you get drunk!

I've used too much of my brain recently, a lot and have been squeezing a lot of brain juice. Hope all these have a good return for me!

One last exam to go! Then I'll be sipping my cup of blended juice, relax and enjoy the sunshine out there! Can't wait for summer to be here!

1 comment:

hojiayiing said...

be assured that i'm waiting impatiently for your return to kch..haha. you will make it big one day dear~! =) Hugz~!