Friday, 8 May 2009

What makes you see things at near and far?

Just think of your eyes like a camera, which in fact the camera is made based on the optical system of the eye. If you want to capture something at distant and bring them nearer to you in a picture, you will need to use the ZOOM of your camera. Then there's something that might bulge in or out of your camera.

Same as your eyes.

It do it internally and you would not see it bulge in and out just for you to focus on something either at near or distance. It's all done by the crystalline lens inside of your eyes.

- cross-section of the eye anterio-posteriorly -
'Did u see the differences in the lens inside your eyes?'

So now, here's the question. When you get older or you might see your parents or grandparents doing something in common. They always think as if they need longer hands to read clearly, the further the better. Other than that, they can see fairly well for object at distance. And from then, they need reading glasses, a.k.a 老花眼镜. Right?

It's what we call PRESBYOPIA, or 老花眼. It's all cause by aging. On average, it starts for people aged 40 or over. The main reason is that the nucleus and cortex of the lens stiffen with age, with progressive hardening of the lens. There's nothing you can do to prevent this and it's a fact!! Accept it!

To simplify, the lens inside your eyes loose its elasticity like a rubber band that you use for a long time.

Happy reading!!

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