Friday, 16 January 2009

what I need at the moment

Brain Juice. I NEED U SO MUCH.

I have an exam coming up in less than 10 hours time and I am a bit tired the subject. Unsure of what to study and unsure of which part to concentrate on. I stay indoor for a long time n the furthest I went today is to my kitchen to cook my lunch. It's the healthiest meal I had during my exam period. Chinese Steak + Broccoli + Carrots

it looks a bit dry but I like it.

Ophthalmic Materials, why are u so factual? It's always either-you-know-it-or-you-don't stuff! Unfair. But, I like the calculation part.

Biological timer is a bit crazy by sleeping at odd hours. It's not good, I know! Food has not been very healthy either. I have been drinking Nescafe Vanilla Latte (recommended, very nice), Coffee, Hot choc, Regular Latte as well as milk coffee to keep me awake. However, I do not want to over-drink them so that I'm not addictive. Cannot deny that i am already addicted to hot chocolate!

It's not early now so I better get back to my studies and take a good sleep for tomorrow's exam! Wish me luck!

I will blog after my exam as I hav lots of stuff to share, including my chocolate diary!