Friday, 16 January 2009

ONE last shot!

Just done with Ophthalmic Materials exam. Difficult to judge whether I did badly or did really well. It's the border line or just somewhere in between. I thought the exam (Intoductory Diagnostic Techniques) I did 2 days ago should be the worst of this January Diet but it seems to be a lot better. ........... I should stop judging it and look forward to the next exam coming up in a few days time, 91 hours later (from 1500hours on 16th January) to be exact.

One night, when I was browsing through pictures of friends, with food of Kuching (they are the best), seeing all those kolo mee, satay, Sarawak Laksa, sio bee and belacan kangkung. Then I felt like eating Sio Bee and the Chinese Groceries store nex to my halls sells frozen one. I made myself woke up pretty early the next morning, just to get out of my flat n buy SioBee to steam as my breakfast. It was Yummy!!

Then, I went to check my mail as a routine, once a week or so. Since I've been staying in my room, I hav not check my mail for about 10days. I did not expect I get any parcel (or bigger packed-mail) as I dont do any Online Shopping recently. HOWEVER, this came:

When I saw the stamps (I know it's a lot), I quickly knew it's from Malaysia! WHAT A SURPRISE! Then I see the handwriting for my address, it's my MUM's!! I was so touched and almost cried out (I really does), but I keep it to myself. The address of recipient is from my mum & dad!! I am really really surprised, happy and touched!! FYI, my mum always reluctant to send me anything as she said I can get a lot of stuff from UK.

My mum remembers that I always want to go back to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with them and coincidencely I hav about 10 days holiday. Travel on long haul is tiring and need to adjust my jet-lag, so it's not realy worth it to go back. Hence, my mum said she wants to send something about Chinese New Year to give me a surprise so she sent some Chinese New Year decoratives for me to hang in my room to keep me in CNY mood. I am so happy!! Thanks Mum & Dad! I love you both!

After all the tears of joy, I get back to my studies, in my small small room. My bedroom is in a mess, throwing things here n there. This is how my room looks like:

I've got caffeine to keep me awake, fruits to keep me biting (I love to eat while reading), pens, paper, music and most importantly, my brain!

I bought something pretty amazing while I was in Cadbury World, Birmingham. It's the BOOST chocolate which believes to give me energy. I thought i need that while studying so I tried:

I am not sure whether it really works for energy but I think I am wrong. Its 'Energy with Glucose' is for those who's doing sports to give them further energy, i.e. prevent from fainting while running 3k! No matter what, this chocolate is perfectly nice, better than I thought. Not too sweet and I like the bits of biscuit that is mixed within it together with Caramel, though I am not a fan of Caramel. Recommended. Rate: 4*/5

This is one of my longest blog in ages. I am just making excuse for taking a break from studies. I need to take a nap now to Recharge my Energy!!

Wish me luck in the nex exam!
Happy New Year and have a nice weekend!