Sunday, 4 October 2009

p= F/A

I start to feel it.
The weight on my shoulder.
I have to overcome this throughout the year.

Just read some core instructions,
it sounds scary,
though at the end,
it says "Enjoy as much as you can!"

There's so many 'must' around,
number of clinics,
number of patients,
number of dispensing,
number of prerequisite,
number of lectures,
number of seminars..

Will get to see real patients,
hope I can communicate well with them,
though English not my first language.

'Revise before lecture',
is what I see often.
'Read again after lecture',
is not too remote either.
Can I possibly do that every now and then?

I will provide the best service,
learn the most,
and outshine myself!

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