Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A New Toy

Many people now own a new toy, similiar in common but much more affordable than BMW, Benz, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Beverly Hills.

It's camera! DSLR seems to be a new toy.

Canon EOS 500D

DSLR= Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. OR, normally we call it camera for the PROs. Friends surrounding me own one, and being readily involved with photography. You can play with different lens for different zoom, polaroid lens, and so on... Everything is so digitized now that the used-to-be SLR became DSLR.

Dad said formerly SLR, using films produce a lot better picture than the current SLR, and a lot cheaper. Only problem is that you have to carry around lots of films with different ISO sensitivity. DSLR makes life much easier with memory cards. And, we dont need to produce poster-size photo so the picture that DSLR produce now is pretty much satisfied.

This is my third year of studies in UK and I've travel around a little bit, which is a golden opportunity for me. And hence, taking good pictures during my trip is extremely inportant.

Olympus FE-280, 8 MP, August 2007.

This Olympus camera is what I used to own, following me around to take pictures, and I've been complaining this camera for 2 years now that it takes lousy and low quality pictures even though it's 8 megapixel (so what??). There's a lot of settings you have to make before u take a picture, for a higher quality, but after you're done with it, the moment you want to capture is gone.

Over summer of 2009, I've consider lots and lots of camera to invest a new one. They includes DSLR and semi-SLR.

Panasonic Lumix FZ-28, with 10MP and 18X Zoom

Sony HX-1, 9.1 MP, 20X Zoom, and sweep panorama (which I like!)

Nikon Lumix G1, DSLR, smallest one in market
And many many more.

There's to many things I put into consideration, including size, shape, weight, price and image quality. I want it to be easy to bring around, for a girl to travel around!

At last, I've got this: (which I really fell in love with)

Canon Powershot G10, 14.8 Megapixel, 5X zoom. (Sorry for the dodgy picture as was capture using iPhone)

I went around Europe during mid September, walking around with this camera, taking pretty pictures. I love this one is because of the size, high in megapixels (which is upfront), comes with horseshoe for additional flash light, convertible adapter for telephoto-lens, retro design, metal body, and most importantly, easy to use.

You can adjust the ISO sensitivity, mode and backlight immediately from the top without going into camera's menu to click here and there. Quick and easy to adjust.

You can choose you want to shoot pictures using shutter speed priority (Tv), aperture priority (Av), or other custom pre-programmed mode. The video quality is DVD, which is good enough, though I have another video camera shooting High Definition video.

I will be happily travel around with my retro-design Canon Powershot G10, taking every happy moment that I enjoy here. This is just a perfect camera who wants something in between DSLR and normal compact digital camera. Just like me!!

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