Sunday, 27 September 2009

It's been 3 weeks.

Had 2 weeks of Europe tour, not whole of it but 2 countries. And now, I've already had a week of lecture, including clinics.

Many said that third year in Optometry is the toughest of all. I cannot deny even during the beginning of it, I have to look for books and stuff from first year and compile them altogether into a sensible eye examination part. Just ask me if there's any question about the eye that you're curious about, I would love to help, and helps a lot for my revision as well.

Moved in to a different room from the previous years, with different people and different environment. My flatmates are all quiet, which I like a lot, and no serious party-animal here.

Have not been blogging for quite sometimes and not sure where to start and what theme to go with. I'll definitely work it out.


ameagor_thenny said... got a cure for someone whose eyes cant see stereogram?

Anna Bong said...

You mean as in someone without stereoscopic view?

It is something related to the binocular vision (seeing things with 2 eyes) disorder. It can be someone with slight squint, lazy eyes or weak muscle balance.

Hence, this kind of person would not be able to watch 3D movies and stuff. We can fix it using glasses but normally would not give them unless they have symptoms like headaches, double vision or dizziness. If we simply give them glasses, it might cause other consequences that might occur. Sometimes the brain is just clever enough to fuse 2 images into one so one would not know they have a slight squint but know they do not have stereoscopic vision.

Does that make any sense to you??