Thursday, 8 October 2009

On your own... abroad

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Just watched a Taiwan variety show online, and it talked about id study abroad is better than studying in your hometown. What's the difference?

Personally, I still think, it depends on how you live with it. On your own out there isn't as easy as many people think. I know it's a chance to get away from parents, enjoying your total freedom. I think that is a bit childish.

At home, everything is so convenient, you get a car, live with people you used to be with, and you can stay with your parents always. This is what I miss when I am out here on your own.

Same thing with travel, if travel alone and saw something really pretty, you cannot share it with your companion, and just keep all to yourself. Bringing pictures back from holidays, is a sharing moment but a totally different feeling.

When you are on your own, you learn to be independent, get to travel to different places (like me), experience different culture, and be a grown up! No matter what, know what you are doing, know what you want and live the best out of it!

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