Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Recap of 2010: Part One (January to June)

I can foresee 2011 is another fruitful yet exciting year! I was browsing through photos of the past and it brought back lots of memories. I had my intensity turned on to the max in year 2010! It was rich in laughter and passion. There's too much happening so I'm going to split it into two post.

Here are the recap of what I did in 2010..
1st January 2010. I was in London which was part of my Winter holiday journey. The bright blue sky was a really nice kickstart for another great year!!

After my exams of first semester for Third Year in uni, I went away with Sarah for break! We went to Paris and it was our second time there. Chose there because we wanted to go to Disneyland Paris, plus the airticket from Glasgow to Paris by Ryanair was cheap, £10 for return!

Then I met my all time favourite Winnie the Pooh. He loves me too!!! Was touched!!! Aww... I miss him!!

Celebrated Chinese New Year with fellow friends!! Wern Nee, Kah Wai, me, Eunice, Constance and Lincoln.

Cooked Sarawak Laksa in Glasgow. Yum!!!! I should probably do this again!

I got a summer placement with one of the big company in UK and it's in Aberdeen. Therefore I decided to go up to Aberdeen to have a look before I decide.

Spent Easter in Edinburgh so we went to Edinburgh Botanic Garden. Had fun there with lots of snapshots. Lots more photos in my facebook.

Went to see One Republic. It was the best concert(click here to read my review on their concert) ever. I would love to see them again!

Another concert. La Roux.

Rihanna's concert!!! Stage performance was absolutely fantastic! This girl can really sing. Too bad I'm going to miss her 2011 concert in Glasgow!

London again with my best friends in UK! Was really happy to be able to reunite with them! Stella, me and Min Shan.

Us again. We had a day trip to the 'sunny' Brighton. Oh well, it wasn't sunny, we just pretended it was. Still remember that day was indeed rainy and cloudy. Nevertheless, we had fun!

And it was my last ever EyeBall with my friends as this year we're going to Graduation Ball. Oh no, I'm getting older.

Then it was time for me to fly home, back to Malaysia on my own. Again, I hop on to my favourite airplane of all time, the Airbus A380 (click here & here to read my past review)! It was a smooth journey.

Yeah! I was home in the catcity- Kuching.

It was just a short holiday back home as I have to get back to UK for job. During this short break I took up a 2 weeks hospital work experience which was memorable and I learnt a lot! (I know, I fully utilise my summer holiday). I get to know many friends from the hospital. They were really nice people and very knowledgeable.

Had family gathering with family!! Love it!

Almost every week we go to various places for seafood in order to fulfill my lust. I love seafood especially crabs, lobster, prawns and mussels. Thanks mum and dad for being so nice bringing me to eat all the nicest food!

Met up with my BFF Adeline!! She always try to spare time out of her busy schedule to have fun with me!! (Note my long hair!!!! And Sereni&Shentel headband!!)

Celebrated my twenty-three birthday!

Also met up with my A-level gang. Too bad when I was home only En Thein and Hon Hua was in Kuching. We had fun!!!!!

More nice crabs!!! Yummy!

What a combination!! The headband, top and my carrot juice! Sorry this is quite random! LOL!

And then, I chopped off my long hair that has not been to the hairdresser for at least 9 months!! I loved my new short hair. (Hmm... It's getting much longer now, I like short and easily manageable hair!)

And the day before I fly back to UK, I had lunch again with my best mates, En Thein and Hon Hua.

The first half of 2010 was hip, fun and outrageous!! I will post my second half of 2010 in another post. I have to get back to my uni work now. I hope you enjoyed the pictures like I do! No matter how's your 2010, keep the good memories, break the bad ones, and move on to another great year of TWENTY-ELEVEN!

Anna x.o.x.o

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