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Recap of 2010: Part Two (July to December)

"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space"
-Johnny Cash

From my last post, mentioned about my first half of my twenty-ten. Was fabulous but the second half was even better! It's just like any football match, second half may change the overall result, from defeat to victory.

(Singapore Changi Airport Sunflower Garden)
1st July 2010. I was on my own, ending my short summer break, coming back to UK by myself which is a first time as my parents normally come with me for a wee summer trip. Leaving Kuching behind and look forward to another experience. I was lucky enough to get a job with Boots Optician in Aberdeen as an USWEP (Undergraduate Summer Work Experience Placement).

And thanks to Sarah who let me stayed at her place for 6 weeks while I work there.

I then welcome Stella's visit by exploring Aberdeen in further depth.

As the company I worked for is a very systematic and organised company. I had to attend an Opening Conference for all placement student in Edinburgh, which is 2.5 hours of train away. So, I went down to Edinburgh, stayed with Stella, and went to have seafood. Yum!! It was my first business trip. (Sounds very much like a working profession)

After Sarah came back to UK from Kuching, we went to Charleton Fruit Farm for Strawberry while her family was still here for her graduation.

Enjoyed some big fat dinner after my work at Little Johns which I passed by each time I go to work.

After six weeks of knowledge and work experience, I kick start my summer holiday with my Inverness cum Isle of Skye trip with Stella. Say 'hello' to Nessie!

Urquhart Castle

Went to Portree, Isle of Skye for a wee tour. This picture is meaningful to me because the centre island is Isle of Raasay that my friendship in Glasgow built up in Raasay 2/1 of Caledonian Court.

Isle of Skye

Kyleakin. We love it there and it's really relaxing. We sat on the pebble beach and enjoy sunshine where you unwind yourself. This is what we define a true holiday, not very jam-packed schedule of sightseeing.

The following week (August 2010), again, Stella and I went to Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It was Trinity College where the picture was taken.

We fell in love with Wicklow and thanks to the Canadian/American tourist, this picture looks fab!! Wicklow was where Leap Year and P.S I Love You were shot.

After some trip with Stella, mum and dad arrived from Malaysia!! Our first stop was a stopover in London!

Then we took Eurostar to Brussels, Belgium. It's a land of waffle, chocolate, and chips!

We then went to Zurich, Switzerland. I love it there even though it's my second visit!! The weather was lovely and it's a place where you can walk on a slow pace and enjoy every scene.

Brought mum and dad to experience their first snow in Switzerland. We went to Mount Titlis of Engelberg. They have snow there all year round!

Apart from these places in Switzerland, we stayed in Bern, went to Lucern, Mount Pilatus with world steepest cogwheel train, and last but not least, we went to Geneva.

Barcelona, Spain. Sagrada Famillia. Famous work of Gaudi.

Somewhere near Plaza Catalunya of Barcelona. The weather was dry and hot, comparable to Malaysia!

October 2010. My last concert of 2010 for Mark Ronson (for further details of how fabulous was this gig, click here!). Stella and i managed to grab the first row and the experience was amazing!

I always wanted to watch a live football match and I did it! It was Spain vs Scotland for 2012 Euro Qualifying match in Hampden Park, Glasgow!! All worth the money!

My last halloween in UK

Bonfire night in Glasgow Green.

Christmas Lights On in George Square Glasgow.

23rd November 2010. Another memorable shopping experience. It was the Lanvin x H&M crossover. I managed to grab a few pieces for my collection!

The first snow arrived in November!

A journey to the west-end for some photos. Click! Click! Click! To check out how miserable it was the snow for us here in UK! It definitely struck UK badly and let it stand still for a while.

Farewell dinner for Stella at our favourite Jamie's Italian.

My last ever Pantomime with my beloved classmates in Glasgow. It was so good and I actually feel touched and sad at the same time during the Snow White show knowing that there will be minimal chance of seeing it again.

Day trip to Edinburgh for Christmas Market and Hotpot dinner.

Kick start of my long winter holiday, 18 days altogether. First stop was my visit to Manchester, saying hello to Sarah!

London for Christmas with Min Shan. It was St Paul's Cathedral in the picture where Princess Diana got married. It's my fourth visit to London for 2010, didnt realised I've been there so many times in a year until now and each time it brings me different surprises yet adding scent of familiarity.

Boxing Day shopping at Harrods. It was my first ever experience of Boxing day shopping in London. The atmosphere is there to make you buy more, more and more. The crowd was crazy in Harrods and I can hardly find a place to sit in for lunch. Discounts were great that many girls can't resist a 50% off!

31st December 2010. Flew to Innsbruck, Austria with Sarah and Chia Pau on New Years' Eve to experience a foreign country. We didn't make it New York's Times Square and I had experienced London's New Years Eve, so an Austrian Silvester (Austria's New Year's Eve is called Silvester), would be merry.

We underestimated the weather in Innsbruck that it was way too chilly in town, so we decided to go back to our hotel in the alps (yes, we stayed in the alps) for New Years Eve.

From our hotel's car park we would be able to see the town of Innsbruck where we set eyes on the fireworks when the clock strikes 12.

(Hotel Sonnhof where we stayed)

Have a great year ahead!! 2010 was astonishing and I believe 2011 will be even better!!! (Maybe a little less on travelling but I'll definitely enjoy it as I step into another section of life!)


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