Monday, 8 June 2009

Qantas A380 experience

As I mentioned in my previous blog (see it here & here), I am very picky in choosing a good long haul flight. I've flew back to Kuching, via 2 transits, all the way from Glasgow.
Glasgow - London (1 hour 10 minutes)
London- Singapore (approximately 12 hours)
Singapore - Kuching (1 hour 30 minutes)

Again, I've picked Airbus 380 as my choice of plane. I just love it! Will definitely fly with it again, not Boeing 747. Continue to read and you'll know the reason why.

As usual, I fly on my own, from UK to Malaysia.

Qantas A380. Amazing big bus.
QF 32, 3rd June, depart at 12.15pm
London to Singapore

Qantas land and depart from Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport. I was as excited as a kid when I saw A380! I will compare my A380 experience of Qantas and Singapore Airline, and will use 2 abbreviation. QF for Qantas; SQ for Singapore Airline.

Upon knowing my flight QF32 depart from Gate 6 of the terminal, I quickly find my way there. And a bit disappointed on the way they leave their passenger in the waiting hall, just like waiting for an internal flight. People queue up 20 minutes before gate open. SQ has a much better service, they have a proper gate, with a welcome counter, and better service start from the point of check-in.

After I found my seat, I am so happy of how the girl at the check in counter pick a seat for me. It's the best seat and I do not have to worry about reclining my seat anytime during the flight.

It's all due to the fact that there's no one sitting behind me. I'm sitting at 69D, at aisle, and there isn't seat 70D. Good yea.

The size of their seat is the same as SQ, big enough for me and bigger legroom. The LCD monitor is 10 inches with touch screen and remote capability. SQ only has remote facility to control the tv entertainment.

This is what you will get once you get on the plane.

Headphone, blanket, pillow, comfort kit,.. I love their pillow than SQ, softer and bigger. However, SQ giveaway Givenchy complimentary comfort kit.

Normally, when you are in the plane, you need to wait till every passenger has settle down, then you can enjoy the entertainment they have for you, right? As soon as you go on board, found your seat, and you can enjoy tonnes of entertainment rightaway. Good right! There's another feature I like about this plane is that they have 'Skycam', as seen below:

This is taken while my plane is ready for departure in Heathrow Airport. Quite cool right? You can see how they land as well. I love this! And sometimes you can see part of the city when the plane does not fly as high yet. This is a feature that I do not find in my previous SQ flight.

About food, Qantas is just awesome! Soon afterdeparture, the crew on board, will give out menu for the long haul flight.
  • Roasted Sage and Butternut Salad
  • Choice of Lamb Casserole with Baby Onions, New Potatoes and Beans
Seared Red Snapper with Herb Butter and Sugar Snaps
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ice Cream
Snack on Q
Snacks for leisure, with water and fresh fruit is available.

Relax & Unwind
Cadbury Hot Chocolate or Organic Peppermint Tea

Continental Breakfast
- Orange Juice
- Fresh Fruit Salad
- Raspberry Yoghurt
- Butter Croisant
- Cereal

Hot Breakfast
- Orange Juice
- Fresh Fruit Salad
- Vegetable Omelette with Bacon and Braised Beans
- Butter Croisant
- Coffee/Tea

- Australian Wine
- Australian Sparkling Wine
- Spirits (Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky)
- Beers
- Non-alchoholic (Juices, Soda, Mineral Water, Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Squash)

Their menu is really good! Food isthe best among all my flight. Though SQ also has an inflight menu but not as good as Qantas. With Qantas, you eat and sleep, then u sleep and eat. Thumbs up.

Their loo (toilet), not as big as SQ. They provide less toilettries then SQ. SQ would have lotion, aftershave, mouthwash, toothbrushes and toothpastes ready in the toilet.

Other than that, they are pretty much the same.

Service wise, SQ has a quicker service and crew member will remember your needs very well, and try to fulfill them all in the shortest time possible. Qantas not that bad and they are all very very polite.

Apart from that, the airsteward and airstewardess are all handsome and pretty, young as well. Always have a smile on their face. I saw one airsteward who serve the other row, he looks so much like a shorter version of Tom Cruise! With dimple as well! He's so friendly! Their service is comparable with any 5-star Airline!

Qantas Airways is given 4-star by Skytrax. 5-star members are like Singapore Airline, Malaysia Airline, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Kingfisher and Asiana.

I give Qantas A380 a 5 STAR! Love it! Will fly with them again! Looking forward for my return trip!


Judy SonG said...

is lovely to hear another nice story of A380.. u r a big fan of A380!! Btw, i miss those nice service by Qantas staff.. and Qantas services is lovely compare to our very own MAS! a huge difference.. one cannot be spoiled to much by good service.:D

Anonymous said...

"shorter version of Tom Cruise!" Pretty hard to get shorter ... this would make it ann extraordinary flight!