Wednesday, 24 June 2009



As usual, when I am back home in Malaysia, I drive a lot.
I love driving, and I can go anywhere at my own speed, but of course bound with the Malaysia Traffic Law.

One think I hate to the uttermost is traffic jam. That's why I always try to avoid them. Your legs will be tired to pressing the accelerator and brake. Lucky me, I have an automatic modulated car.

There's some driver, especially some annoying people, who thinks they rule the road. Whenever they have their signal light on to the left or right, they think they can just drive over without considering whether it is safe or the situation allows them to do so.

And there's another type of driver is those who seems to always have emergency, tail-gate you. Follow by overtaking you and other's people car in a zigzag way.

On the contrary, there's another type of people who drive very very slowly on the outer land, meant for overtaking other cars. Then when you are in a rush or need at least 70km/hr, and they drive at 30km/hr.

Sometimes, I just think that this is 'the way' how some 'Malaysian' drives. And I just need to be patient. While I'm stuck in the traffic jam, I will have my phone out to play with a few games or just look around at other drivers, what do they do.

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