Saturday, 4 July 2009

Down the memory lane

Kuching High School is where I grew up with. This is my secondary school, which involves deeply in my memories. I've left school about 5 years now (this reveals that I am old!), and I still miss the good old times!

On 2nd December 2008, I received a text message when I woke up early in a winter morning, there in UK. "St John Room is gone!" I was shock then quickly find out what's happening! Part of Kuching High was burnt. Click on this to read more about it.

I started to miss my high school much more after that incident. Our school is a semi-government school so need money to rebuild. Raising funds, funds, funds and funds. For interested people, please click on this to find our more about how you can help to donate.

Alright, back to my main point.

I'm now back in Malaysia and definitely wants to meet up with BFF from school, as well as those whom I've not seen for ages!

It begins during the charity sales at Kuching High in 20th June.

Then it was all the gatherings, night out and dinner with friends!

Friends, you all will stay in my memories forever. When is the next meet up???

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