Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What's your vision?

This is called, SNELLEN CHART, in which optometrist uses it to check your vision, whether you need glasses or not.

Here's a small test on how to identify your vision, JUST ROUGHLY, click on that image (and it should open in a new page), then sit about 50~60cm in front of the picture with your naked eyes, means without glasses if any. We do monocularly, one eye at each time, so you shut one eye and try to use the fellow eye to see. Find which is the smallest line you can read clearly and tell me how you get on. If you can see the line no.8 very clearly, means you might not need glasses. Line no.8 is the vision that normally optometrist would aim a patient to be able to see after correction.

You can also check your vision with your glasses on, to see if you need any further correction or new glasses.

Line number 8 or 20/20 or 6/6 is the standard vision of a person. If your profession requires you to see something really small at a distance, then optometrist will also know what to do. You need good vision to read, to drive and to work. Remember to consult an optometrist if you have any eye problem. Tell them what's your problem, either you see floaters or blackout.

Dont worry if you think your eye is poor or has problem. There are optometrists and ophthalmologists, helping you to see better. I too, have problematic eyes, with long-sighted and short-sighted on the other eye. See?

Stay tuned for my another update to see if you have astigmatism (散光).

Hope you all have good vision or has corrected with glasses, for a better quality of life. Let me know what's your vision! :)


Anna Bong said...

Right Eye: Long sighted, able to see Line 8 but a bit blurry
Left Eye: Short- sighted, able to see line 6 and some of 7,also a bit fuzzy.


Boniface said...

without specs...only can see till 20/50 (LPED)

With specs...see till 10th...!