Tuesday, 17 March 2009

shadow of sunshine on me

Does weather affects your feeling of the day? Many will say 'YES'
Winter is finally over and I am welcoming SPRING.

On a morning of St Patrick's Day, I am off and took a break to get out of my room, breathing the fresh air with taste of warm sunshine.

George Square

For a long time, I've not felt the heat. Today, I get to go out there, not wearing as thick as a polar bear, just a coat. The feeling of strolling, enjoying sunshine alone, is just so relaxing. If I manage to get a seat at Starbucks of Buchanan Street, sipping a cup of ice blended Strawberries & Cream Frappucino, at a seat near the window, watching people walking up and down the street, it would be perfect!!

I manage to control my temptation of buying new Spring/Summer collection of apparel. I am empty-handed. This feels marvel. Window shopping is my new hobby, a way to relax.

Tenderness of sunshine here makes me feel warm, just like the people in this city. Not like the burning and roasting sun we get in Malaysia. I enjoy walking straight up to Buchanan Street with sun shining from my back, feels the heat from behind, and a smell of dryness and heat vaporises from my coat. I love this feeling.

Observing the fashion that brings out in every different people on the street is just as great as getting a front seat row at London Fashion Week. The same applies to nice window display of high street fashion store. Keep in mind that the Brits fashion is now back in fashion, especially those with the union jack is the new 'in'.

This is a great day.

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