Tuesday, 10 March 2009

pure white cloud + bright blue sky

It's almost mid-march. Means my favourite season of all time is about to come. SPRING!!

did not bring my camera out today so just capture the view of blue sky of from my window
I love blue sky with white clouds, and a little breeze of wind, that runs through my face. The sunshine has put spotlight on my face and brightens up my day! Spring is about 10 days to go and British Summer Time is about to begin. Flowers start to flourish in their most magnificent form.

Even though it's going to be spring, I will not be surprised to woke up in the morning seeing:

Weather in UK is unpredictable as a child. You might get a four-season weather in a day and it's perfectly common.

Knowing that I've been through autumn, and almost done with winter, and it means, i dont have a lot more time to my semester exams. It's scary and it's going to be stressful for a lazy bum like me! I will have to work hard and shine on my results.


jUdy^sOnG said...

gambateh girl.. u can do it!! spring is coming, means warmer weather.. cant wait to see the sun give some effect to us..

one more, times running now.. so soon u gonna have ur first laksa in the year!!

Anna Bong said...

Thanks Judy! Let's work hard together!

I am looking forward to my first laksa of the year! HEHEHE