Saturday, 25 June 2011

This is my month

June is the busiest month of the year for me. (Well, apart from the months I need to rush for my final year project, and studied for exams)

Not just busiest, also the most fruitful like an apple tree!

What I've done so far for the month needed a list:
1) Johnson & Johnson day trip to London, visiting their Vision institute.
2) Catch up with friends
3) 7th June: Most nerve-wrecking day of the month. Got my result and I'm graduating.
4) Catch up with friends for drinks and dinner
5) Friends visiting Glasgow from Manchester and Aberdeen
6) Enrique Iglesias concert (the hottest concert I've ever been to. Will blog about it in near future)
7) Had lobster for lunch and dinner in a same day! Life's good!
8) 8 days trip to French Rivera, visited Nice, Antibes, Saint Paul de Vence, Eze Village and Cannes (yes, the place you always see on TV: Cannes Film Festival.) of France. Of course, I went to the oh-so-posh-I-want-to-drive-a-Ferrari Monte-Carlo of Monaco.
9) Trip to Manchester
10) Bon Jovi Open Air Concert, with 46,000 audiences in Old Trafford Cricket Ground.
11) Mum & dad coming to Glasgow
12) My birthday to Fort William/Mallaig (coming soon)
13) My GRADUATION! (coming soon)
14) Family holiday begins! (coming soon)

What a busy and tightly-scheduled month!

Will update soon!!

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