Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I'm back from French Rivera

Arrived in Glasgow last night after a delayed flight. As I went through the border check passport control, I am so happy to be home, listening to the Scottish accent of people surrounding me. Scotland is a place I say "home".

Paris is not the only place to visit in France. I highly recommend French Rivera, south of France. I went to Nice, Antibes, Saint Paul du Vence, Eze Village and Cannes of France. Of course, I stayed a night in the oh-so-posh-and-expensive Monte-Carlo of Monaco, the secong smallest country in the world after Vatican city. French Rivera truly explains France. The weather there is loveable by many, with lots of people sunbathe at the beach. When we were there, there was just one night that it rained a bit, otherwise, it was all sunny!

I will continue my travelblog soon! Stay tuned! xoxo

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