Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Adverse 'OneRepublic' reaction

It is not adverse drug reaction you get from using steroids but the side effect I get from an amazing gig I attended last Friday. It's the exclusive OneRepublic concert in Glasgow.

Excited as a kid, I was on the second row of the gig, able to see each member of the band so clearly. I will post something exclusive about the gig.

Click on the song above, it's one of my favourite song of OneRepublic's Waking Up album. It's called Good Life. This song was created by the band with inspiration from London. It makes me feel even closer to the band mentioning places like Piccadilly of London. It's a place I love in London. Nonetheless, the lyrics remind me that I am having a good life as always and love my life to the most. It's also the favourite song of the band as cited by Ryan Tedder during their gig in Glasgow. They will be shooting the new music video in Italy during their current Europe tour. I think would it will be more appropriate if they shoot in London.

No matter if you are busy, upset or bored, remember there's always a way to live life to be happier. There's much more people in the news suffer a lot more than anyone else. I always remind myself to be optimistic even though life don't go the way you want it to be. I love my life now and is living a good life. If you have a camera with you don't forget to capture every single nice moment you been through.

I fit the following verse in the song reminds me of all the people I met in my life. You know who you are and it's for you!
To my friends in Kuching I say 'Hello'
My friends in U.K. love you all,
Where I've been for the past few years or so,
Paris to London to Berlin and Rome

And there's nothing to complain about. We're surrounded by loving family and friends.

Enjoy this song specially dedicated to you!

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