Sunday, 7 December 2008

Was there, on my own

29th November 2008

The Lighthouse.

It's a place for tourist and I am not sure whether should I be consider one. I think I am a student cum tourist. On that day, I went out to enjoy some Christmas spirit (as mentioned in previous blog). Then I passed by this girl:

Christmas at The Lighthouse Shop? That gave me an idea of telling myself to pay a visit. I've been here in Glasgow for more than a year n I've pass by this place for many times but have not been into yet.

The LIGHTHOUSE contains exhibitions, the Mackintosh centre, viewing platform with stuning city view of Glasgow. It also has galleries, design shop and rooftop cafe. Normally, it's admission charge but recently they made an offer of admission free on Saturdays! So I went in!

I first went in to the gift shop and all the products there are so creative, it's house for an art lover. BUT, I could not afford anything there. A simple nice looking notebook may cost 7quids. Way too expensive. So I went up to see the Mackintosh Gallery. I like the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I am not sure whether can take picture inside, so i didn't.

After seeing a few galleries and exhibition of architecture, I decided to take the lift to go up. While waiting, I saw something interesting:

Did u notice it? The creative Toilet sign & symbols. Like it!

So here it is, the view of Glasgow!

That's basically it. Glasgow is a city so compact, filled with historical and modern buildings. Tall and short, and of various designs. City centre is always busy and seen lots of people rushing with time.

Apart from enjoying the view, I found something interesting which i figure it must have something to do with art.

Love this piece of wall with wee look-through window.

As part of my style, whichever attractions that i go, I must buy some souvenir for remembrance. I got myself this and I think it's the cheapest thing that I can possibly get there.

It's magnets and I think it's cute! I got it from the seasonal craft stalls at The Lighthouse. Look at the baby, isn't him cute?

This short walk to The Lighthouse is much enjoyable and enthusiastic. I have a passion for modern art so I love most of the display there.

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i wanna visit the lighthouse!!