Thursday, 18 December 2008

Healthier lifestyle?

What would you do when your pants become tight?
What would you do when you feels you eat more?
What would think your body will be like if u sit in the room all day apart from sleep and cooking?
What do you think when you are best friend with chocolate?

That's about me.. I think I will be putting on weight this winter. It's nothing good. Sweet food is all you think this season.

When I want to drink something warm, I think of Hot Chocolate with marshmallow on top.
When I want a dessert, I think of chocolate cake.
When I want to chill something sweet, I think of chocolate bar.
I am so addicted to chocolate!

Many people cares about calories on food but I understand nothing about that because I dont care. As a result in years, you might see me like this:

That doesnt looks good on me.

Hence, I decided that I have to go to the gym, which I went few hours ago. My last gym entry was about half a year ago. I should keep going, on and on, to keep fit!

Let me show you one pic. On your right, is the gym of my uni. Kinda modern though.

I should start loving gym again. KEEP FIT, ANNA!!