Saturday, 17 September 2011

Exclusive: Enrique Iglesias Live in Glasgow June 2011!!!

11th June 2011.

Sarah and I was there to enjoy the hot and fun concert of Enrique Iglesias!!!!!

Enrique it is!! Opening song was Tonight (I'm Lovin' You), bringing the mood up to the max that evening. Everyone was up on their feet, moving with music!! It was just like a huge club with live band!


Enrique invited a pair of Scottish couple on stage.

Enrique: "... what's your name?"
Girl: "Jeanette" (pronounced gee-nett)
Enrique: "Gee-nett? Like Jeneatte?" (pronuonced Janet)
Girl: "Jeanette" (pronounced gee-nett)
Enrique: "Gee-nett? How do you spell it?"
Girl: "Jai-e-a-n-e-t-t-e" (in Scottish, 'J' pronounced as 'jai')
Enrique: "Oh Jeanette!" (he pronounced it as Janet, as it's how the American pronounced)
"Are you Scottish?"

It was such a cute conversation between him and Scottish! It was how I felt when I first went to Glasgow trying to understand the locals.


Let the picture speaks for itself! I had a good time!

Put your hands up! Put your hands up!!! Let's move it, move it!



"I'm not in love,.... Don't go running away"

# 11
"I can be your hero baby,
I can kiss away the pain,
I will stand by you forever,
you can take my breath away.."

"...but you can't escape my love"

"Baby, I like it!!"


And the concert ends with another round of 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)'. It was such an AMAZING and FUN-FILLED night with all the hip and dance! We want more of his songs but too bad time has come to an end. I would not hesitate to go to his other concert!

I heart Enrique Iglesias!!!!

p/s: I was supposed to upload a video from the concert but it takes too long to load. Will try some other time. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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