Sunday, 22 May 2011

A foreign place yet I know so well.

I still remember the time when I first arrive in UK, the first thing I encounter is the cold breezy weather a September day. I have an uncle who asked me which part of UK I am going to, and when he knows I'm coming to Scotland, he said "Wow, is it because England is not cold enough so you chose Scotland?". Haha!

For the my first 20 years, I've been using notes and coins in Malaysian currency, Ringgit. When I first arrived in UK, I have to stand at the cashier point for a while when paying to make sure I give the right notes and coins. I have came out with a system to sort out coins so that I dont get mixed up. Now, I am capable of using my sense of touch to identify coins like I've been living here for ages.

After years in Scotland, I started to use slang/words like "aye" means yes or "wee" means little, without noticing. I've been told by many (including Irish, English and Scottish) that I have Scottish accent, in which I am happy of. I come all the way from Malaysia, not only to study but also to learn about the culture, people, and lifestyle here. I love Scotland.

When I leave Glasgow, I am sure it will be a really emotional day for me. When I think of it, the feeling comes. Nevertheless, I will be back to visit the country and friends at some point.

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