Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Time for a little update

First of all, I would like to apologise for my long lost update for all of you out there! I had not been blog for months! Sorry!

Whenever December arrives, my mind is already in the mood for Christmas. Even though I have 2 class test in this month but i dont care.. I need to relax and study at the same time.

The picture above was taken during the launch of Christmas Lights in George Square on 18th November. The lightings and fireworks are AMAZING!!! Though the weather looks very nice, there's sprinkle of rain right after the fireworks ends. The people there was very crowded and we went in as soon as people leave after the fireworks. HMM... nice experience....

..... After the event, they start to build ice-skating rink near the Christmas tree. It's on right now but i still never been there yet!
Picture of the ice-skating rink taken recently

The one on the left is a very very nice salad. This was made by the Danish guy in my flat during his was made during his 25th bithday as part of the dinner. We had lots of food... 2 different pastas, pizza, 2 different salad, tiramisu, ice cream, 2 cakes, wine, and another Germany desert. It was an amazing dinner we had. Thanks, Steffen!

This one is greek salad. We ate it a couple of time but the taste is always fantastic like the time we had for the first time. Everytime we see the Greek guy making this we were so so happy! This was made during Min Shan's Birthday. It's fantastic!

After I calculated, we had 17 different dishes during the birthday party we had on her birthday. Great people, perfect music, amazing food and happy karaoke! Great combination. We party until early morning and we are able to meet new people and make new friends. It's a party that i cannot forget!!!

Me, Ariel (Chinese), Chieko(Japanese) and Jin (Japanese)

Rudolf and Santa's Groto! Hmm.. Nice... Looking forward to Christmas? YES!!!

Well, I will keep blogging whenever I am free. This year would be the first time to spend Christmas without my family and relatives. I also miss my friends out there and those back in Kuching!! You must be enjoying your holiday very well. I will enjoy mine too. I already have a plan.

Learn a new Glaswegian (Glasgow language/ people) word ~ "wee" means small or little. Example, "This dress looks 'wee' bit better than the green one" means the dress looks little bit better than the green one.


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